Another day, another Pinteresting experiment.

Technically these were yesterday but I didn’t get around to posting anything.

Here is the link to the Pinspiration

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Coconut Oil hair treatment

I followed the directions exactly, with a few modifications like the plastic bag instead of shower cap but who doesn’t improvise a little! I rinsed my hair out in the shower with TWO shampooings which I almost never do and it still felt a little greasy and unclean but I thought it had to all rinse out. When I woke up my hair was

20121018-232159.jpg softer yes but it had places especially around my roots that just felt icky. Realizing this I now know that when using this treatment I need to focus more on the ends because my hair, though I have a LOT of it (thanks mom) it’s fine and not thick. I am currently attempting coconut oil treatment #2 on my ends exclusively. We’ll see if this makes any difference.

Frenchie is a little upset that he wasn’t on my lap so now he is pouting but slightly less upset now that he is with me.


Lunch yesterday was also a Pinteresting experience. I decided to attempt to make homemade Easy Mac. See original pin

Mug o’mac and cheese which promised a creamy and without all the nasty preservatives in Kraft easymac. Who wouldn’t be enticed by such a delicious looking quick lunch.

Mine was less than spectacular. It was cooked but that was about it. No creamy sauce ever formed from the cheese and milk. It was goopy and hardly edible. The cheese was all melted and stuck to the bottom of the bowl. Not very Kraft like.


I also attempted a mug o’cake which after the lovely Mac I should’ve known better but it promised gooey chocolate cake in 55 seconds with only 3 ingredients. Luckily I wasn’t the target of this experiment, my willing to try whatever I make boyfriend was the victim. So an egg, powdered sugar and cocoa whisked into a mug then thrown in the microwave for 55 seconds doesn’t actually yield an edible cake. It’s cake-like but I think my cocoa was too bitter and my sugar ratio was thrown off by the fact it was high quality dark chocolate Dutch processed cocoa. Attempt #2 will be made and picture taken just to be sure but sometime I have to accept it might be too good to be true.

Off to rinse the coconut oil out of my hair. Report back tomorrow. Also in the fridge for a snack or breakfast is “tapioca”

“>pudding made with chia seeds and almond milk. Fingers crossed its edible


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